Moss Agate Pendant set into Sterling Silver with Brass Heart Accent.

Measures  53mm x  10mm including the bail.


Moss Agate is also a stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. In the workplace, it draws new business and gradual expansion, increasing prosperity over time. It is good for small businesses and the self-employed, and a fortifying crystal for financial institutions. Keep one near when working on tax returns, spread sheets or figures that will not add up, and one with bank papers to encourage savings. 

Moss Agate helps eliminate depression and stimulates mental function by improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. 

As an anti-inflammatory it helps treat infections and swelling, colds and flu, and lowers fever. It is useful for long-term illness and recovery, boosting immunity and is helpful to the circulatory and digestive systems.

Moss Agate Sterling Silver Brass Heart Pendant